Committed to Work/Life Balance: A Relationship of Flexibility and Trust

Our employees are the most important asset we have and the key to each and every success. Aware of the immense value of our human capital, our objective is to guarantee their wellbeing and growth within the company. Therefore, we have a great commitment as a company but, above all, as a team.

As a result of our efforts to this end, we have implemented a new measure. Since October, we have been firm on allowing workday flexibility and what began as a project a few months ago has become a reality for the entire workforce as of January. Using our corporate policies aimed at guaranteeing a framework for positive employment relationships as the basis, at Casple, we have made progress on work/life balance.

With flexibility and trust as the foundation, a work/life balance fosters better moods, reduces stress and creates and strengthens internal ties between team members. In line with our business culture and our social commitments, we’ve provided our employees with the tools necessary for them to find a balance between all scenarios in their lives.

This new workday flexibility aimed at a work/life balance seeks to make motherhood and fatherhood compatible with a successful career so that they never become a restriction for professional development. Likewise, we offer the support and trust necessary to be able to work together to consolidate flexibility as just one more part of the company and directly contribute to our employees’ quality of life and, as a result, their levels of satisfaction, motivation and performance and ensure they always choose us as the best employment option.

The new working hours allow Casple employees to begin their day whenever best suits their family needs with a margin of two hours. Their possible departure times have been extended considerably to take into account the different timetables for schools, nurseries and extracurricular activities so as to guarantee complete flexibility for all families. The company’s commitment to work/life balance applies all year round. Therefore, working hours are just as flexible for intensive workdays in the months of June, July, August and September and during long weekends and holiday eves. This allows our team to have a quality family life without giving up on the advantages of an intensive workday.

Our commitment is firm: flexibility and trust as the framework for guaranteeing employee wellbeing and care. We will keep on working to find new means for achieving work/life balance along these lines.

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