Cold stamping

Cold stamping


In our cold stamping section, we process all types of parts for a number of different sectors. Our capacity ranges from 0.4 mm thick aluminium to 12 mm steel parts as well as all thicknesses in between of steel, high elastic limit steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Our feeding equipment allows us to transform all the materials supplied, whether flat sheet metal in dimensions agreed upon with the steelmaker or rolls of sheet metal of up to 1,500 mm wide and 6 mm thick.

We’re specialists in sheet metal punching (blanking) for subsequent bending work through transfer or hot stamping processes.

Progressive Die Stamping

We use presses equipped with progressive cutting and bending tools to quickly and precisely produce complex sheet metal parts.


Our hydraulic presses foster precise control of power and speed parameters which leads to parts (up to 3.5 mm thick) with great surface quality.

Manufacturing with Transfer Tools

With our transfer equipment, we’re able to manufacture highly complex metal parts using combined cutting and drawing processes.

Blow Stamping

We have also got manual and robotic machines with unitary processes to adapt to small series manufacturing. The use of this type of technology allows us to produce rather complex parts with a high degree of quality yet with much lower investments.