One of the main factors of success when manufacturing a product are the tools. At CASPLE, we dedicate immense human resources and technology to ensuring all tools used in our processes are of the proper quality and in perfect conditions of maintenance.

Our Engineering and Die Cutting teams have extensive experience designing and developing tools for stamping, welding, assembly and laser cutting as well as designing control tools and detection and presence systems.

The tools we produce are designed by Engineering with support from all other departments involved. For outsourced tools, the Engineering team collaborates on the development of plan methods, conducts CAE simulations to ensure they work for the product to be manufactured and checks designs in all phases without allowing industrialisation until everything is validated by the team manager.


We’ve got our own tool and die shop at our facilities which is perfectly equipped and is led by a highly experienced team. Therefore, we have the capacity to manufacture all welding, assembly, laser cutting and control tools and dies up to 2.5 metres long.

Given the large volume of dies we work with at our facilities, most new ones are outsourced to our partners in China, Portugal, Turkey and other places; however, all final checks and adjustments are done at our facilities with our own resources.

Likewise, in order to quickly respond to our customers’ needs, all tooling modifications that must be done⁠–generally due to product engineering issues⁠– are completed at our facilities by the CASPLE tool and die team.


We know that optimal maintenance of all production resources is essential to proper manufacturing results. Thus, we have a highly trained team of tool and die specialists and adjusters who keep all of our tools in perfect conditions in accordance with a pre-determined maintenance plan.