Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Sanding and Reworking

As a way to close the value chain, CASPLE has been offering surface treatment processes for metal parts and coatings for many years. This means we deliver everything to our customers ready for assembly or direct sale.

The manufacture of extremely thick parts (up to 3.5 mm in steel sheet metal) requires the use of sanding and reworking processes to correct surfaces that suffer damages due to dragging or marks during stamping and welding processes.

These processes have traditionally been 100% manual yet, at CASPLE, we have developed our own anti-gravity sanding and reworking system mounted on robots which we’ve been using automatically for twenty years now.

Shotblasting and Vibratory Surface Finishing

Our customers’ anti-corrosion protocols are more and more demanding all the time. For good surface coating adherence (paint, zinc plating, etc.), these surfaces need to be prepared. Depending on the characteristics of the parts and the requirements, we may offer solutions with shotblasting using steel balls or vibratory surface finishing with stones and corn cob drying.

In addition to preparing the part surfaces for coating, this last process further dulls edges on parts for even better coating adherence and a lower risk of cuts when handling them.


We offer different part surface coating processes at our facilities:

  1. Cataphoresis.
  2. Epoxy paint (powder).
  3. Enamel paint (liquid).
  4. Degreasing and phosphating.
  5. Zinc-plating.