The professionals in the CASPLE Engineering team serve customers with their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of internal processes in addition to being able to rely on the latest versions of all major engineering software in order to respond to any need that may arise.

At CASPLE, we closely collaborate on all phases of the production process in order to help our customers find the most satisfactory solution in terms of the quality/price/service ratio.

Product/Process Development

We have got next-generation product/process design tools (CATIA, pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Cimatron, DraftSight…) which means we work with the most appropriate software for each project.

In addition to CAD tools, we’ve also got CAE tools such as AutoForm and Cimatron which allow us to digitally reproduce part behaviour during production processes so we may analyse such behaviour to quickly detect any problems in advance and then come up with solutions before the parts or production resources are sent for manufacturing.

We also have the capability to simulate the static and dynamic behaviour of parts, systems and sub-systems as well as conduct tests to ensure the proper functionality of such items. This work is done in collaboration with technology partners we have been working with for a very long time.


CASPLE Engineering develops R&D projects either autonomously or as part of multi-disciplinary work groups alongside other regional and European companies. A few examples of these projects include:

  • Casple E.V. (Casple)
  • Urban E.V. (7th EU Framework)
  • Zero
  • Sara (CDTI)
  • Termoweb (Heating)