Casple-Sano, A Programme to Improve Our Employees’ Health and Wellbeing

Our workers are the heart of our organisation and their health and wellbeing are an essential part of our corporate culture. And this has led to a commitment to leave sedentary lifestyles behind, maintain healthy living habits, eat well and engage in regular physical exercise to stay healthy. And, as proven by more and more studies nowadays, it’s not just important physically. Sport has been proven as an effective anti-stress tool which helps increase productivity and work performance. There’s no better way to create a good work atmosphere than being committed to people’s health.

That’s why we’ve started Casple-Sano, a programme that seeks to help improve our employees’ health, stimulate their motivation and look after their physical capabilities by preventing musculoskeletal problems.

It was precisely the latter that led to the development of this project. After studying the high percentages of absenteeism deriving from musculoskeletal disorders, the decision was made to approach this issue from a prevention perspective. Thus, an agreement was signed with Sportia to implement a specific training programme through which our employees have been able to learn exercises that will help them avoid injuries of this type.

The first phase of Casple-Sano involved a pilot study with ten employees chosen to be the first to try out all the project features from individualised assessments with professionals analysing possible areas for improvement and developing specific training plans to guided exercises to improve joint health. Those who have tried it have had an excellent experience; therefore, after analysing the results, the experience will be expanded to include the rest of our workforce.

Developed along with Sportia, the programme plans and makes available modern and rigorous health improvement activities for employees. Moreover, it uses technologies designed to make all the physical activity as gratifying as it is effective.

Casple employees may access all classes 24 hours a day. There are more than 60 live classes a week and a library with more than 500 sessions. All of the content may be viewed from any device with an Internet connection (mobile, tablet or computer) so the activities can be done anywhere, anytime.

Professionalism in this care is one of the keys to the project implemented: all sessions are guided by qualified staff with a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Thus, our employees may rely on their support and advice when doing guided activities that help improve their own individual physical situation and, ultimately, allow them to have a better quality of life.

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