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CSR and Compliance

From the very beginning, CASPLE has built its foundation over values of transparency, respect and responsibility. We’ve got an Integrated Management System that has been created based on sustainability considering all of our stakeholders and integrating the entire value chain. Likewise, our business culture is deeply rooted in all the people who are a part of the organization with our human resources at the core of our corporate values. We believe in the concept of “family” which boosts and fosters the integration of each professional at CASPLE, making them feel part of a community and not just another member of a group.

We’re committed to creating efficient and sustainable mobility and energy solutions that help improve society. Thus, we’re always fully aware that we must work by using the proper resources to guarantee our workers’ safety and wellbeing all while ensuring total quality, reducing waste and minimising our environmental impact. Additionally, our Regulatory Compliance Programme helps us make sure our daily work is governed by adequate standards and prevents any deviation.

Whistleblowing Channel

In order to guarantee strict compliance with the laws in effect as well as the company’s internal policies, CASPLE has made a whistleblowing channel available to all of our stakeholders so that anyone can report any irregular conduct or action that is contrary to the regulations established. They may even do so anonymously.

The following form can be used for this purpose.

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