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A Future-Looking Team

At CASPLE, we work as a multi-disciplinary team made up of more than three hundred eighty people who use all five senses to serve all of our stakeholders. We are firmly committed to our people and put their health and safety above all else. What’s more, we make an effort each and every day to offer them the best possible training in order to nurture their development so they can reach their full potential.

Our workforce includes various generations, combining senior talent with the youth ready to take the baton.

This commitment to our team has led to an average length of service of more than 15 years on our workforce with 50% of our management team having been with us for their entire careers.

Find out what kinds of jobs are available at CASPLE

At CASPLE, we believe a company is defined by its people. That’s why we want each of the professionals at the company to be able to fully develop to reach their greatest potential. Take a look at our job openings if you’d like to be a part of an international team with a presence in more than fifteen countries.