Committed to You

There’s a starting point to all stories and ours dates back more than forty years. These decades have led to the knowledge, growth and learning that have allowed us to build our company upon the most resistant foundation of all: commitment. This covenant is a part of our identity, our history and our way of understanding the sector.

The experience acquired over all this time has given us the capacity to convert antonyms into similar concepts so as to combine the best of what we have: tradition and a cutting edge to maintain our origins at all times as well as the essence with which our journey in this sector began.

Our commitment not only defines us, it’s also our reason for being and a long-term goal that creates our vision of the future. When we look to what truly matters, the definitions are able to leave all words behind to become actions and shared challenges. This commitment is an intangible asset which not only allows us to give the best of ourselves, but also sets out the path towards excellence that brings us the differential value that has accompanied us all these years. Yet this history is not ours alone. Over time, it has intertwined with that of all Casple employees, that of the city and its culture as well as that of our customers.

We are committed to innovation so that we are always able to meet our customer’s needs. This allows us to guarantee the best results, quality products, competitive prices and offer them service that always fulfils their expectations. Guided by development, diversification and, above all, innovation, we put all of our effort into making good on our promises and always with guaranteed quality.

We are committed to our local community and thus foster job creation and contribute value to our economy. Our city, Burgos, is an inseparable part of our personality; it’s in our genes and in our history. At the same time, we’re committed to protecting the environment. We work based on environmental behaviour policies and under key performance indicators to try to reduce our impact to a minimum.

But, above all, we’re committed to you. That’s why we want you to be a part of the presentation of our new website and identity. It’s a simple and clear place where users can intuitively browse, read and deepen their knowledge of all areas of the company from our services to our environmental section and contact details. This new design is a reflection of our values and, above all, a tool to continue demonstrating our commitment and maintaining this commitment each and every day.

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