Termoweb is a CASPLE company  project, within its Casple Heating division in order to provide energy efficiency systems to brands and manufacturers as a provider of OEM systems. Among its clients, there are different brands of heating and utility companies that market the termoweb material according to their requirements, designs, and specifications. Termoweb does not sell directly to users or distributors. We are located in Burgos where we make all termoweb products.

The project of the creation of this mobile and web application with hybrid and native technology for the management of electric heating appliances and wall thermostats, is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) of the European Union and the Governing Council of Castile-Leon, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castile-Leon (ICE), with the aim of promoting momentum and promotion of activities I+i led by companies and support for the creation and consolidation of innovative companies.