CASPLE, S.A. is a private equity firm created in 1984 by five founding members that remain with us at present.

Today Casple is the parent company of a group of firms devoted to the automotive industry.

This group consists of the following firms:

  • CASPLE, S.A. (plant 1). (Burgos, 1984).
  • ESTAMPACIONES CASPLE (plant 2). (Burgos, 1999).
  • KTB, S.A. (Burgos, 1988).
  • EKT, S.A. (Vizcaya, 1995).
  • KATAFORESIS NAVARRA, S.L. (Navarra, 2001).
  • KATAFORESIS CESKA (Czech Republic, 2001).

CASPLE, S.A. started its business activity by assembling the components for commercial vehicles.

We have gradually incorporated new means of production in such a way that nowadays we also manufacture the components that we assemble.

Our main activities are focused in two areas:

  • Automotive industry:  Stamping, welding, assembly, piece painting and tool construction.
  • Electric heating:  Production, assembly and heaters and radiators distribution.

Nowadays we have a 14,000 square meter built-up area.

Kinds of presses and tonnage ranging:

  • Mechanical presses: from 100 to 1,000 tons.
  • Hydraulic presses: from 300 to 1,500 tons.

Main customers: